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Be You

You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are” -Yogi Bhajan

Hi guys,
How are ye all doing? To all my ladies out there, this is for you.

This post is one that is very close to my heart. This is because I have had to deal with a lot of trouble from people about it, and they’re generally the same set of people. Fortunately, these people are either now out of my life or now at a place in my life where their actions and words have absolutely no effect on me. Good riddance!

The question is why do we always put down people that seem to be doing good for themselves or that seem to be confident in themselves? For example, a young girl comes in looking her best, make up fleeking, heels clicking. Straight away, most people come to the conclusion that she’s either stuck up or a complete bitch. This conclusion comes before getting to know her or before even talking to her. She could be the nicest person on earth, but she had made the error of walking in with her head held high. How ridiculous is that? Fortunately or unfortunately, I am generally that girl. I am a strong believer of the idea that the way you carry yourself has a huge impact on the way you think and feel about yourself. So, I usually do walk into a room with my head held high. My makeup might not always be fleeking, heels might not necessarily be clicking, but I make sure to walk in with confidence. Does this make me a bitch? To some, yeah. Apparently, I am stuck up and see myself as superior to everyone else. All I did was walk, more like werk. What leaves me feeling perplexed is how people assume that the way I carry myself has anything to do with what I think of them. I hate to break it to you, but I wasn’t thinking about you. Girl, I was so busy strutting my stuff, I didn’t even see you.

I do not understand why people insist on putting down people who seem to love themselves or are trying to love themselves or are simply just trying to be the best they can be. Why is it okay for someone to tell me that I look good, but when I tell someone that I look good it’s vain. I am all for complimenting each other, and I strongly encourage it. However, I don’t see why I can not compliment myself and why I cannot show that I know exactly how awesome I am. There’s a difference between loving and respecting the person that you have worked hard to build, and being vain. Being confident does not mean you think you are better than everyone else, it does not mean that you are self-absorbed. It just means you value yourself. What is the problem with that? I know a young girl, who is working her way to management level at a great job. This girl is 24. She comes in every day looking on FLEEK and gets her job done. Most people look at her like, ‘who does she think she is, coming in looking all fancy’ or ‘she thinks she is better than us’. I’m like ‘girl, you look great! help me make my brows fleeky and how did you manage to get here so fast’. Personally, I’m not into wearing makeup everyday. Mostly because getting out of bed is enough hassle for me in the mornings and I’m much more comfortable without it. But that doesn’t give me the right to put down another girl who does wear it everyday. It does not mean that she thinks she is better than I am. I am not where she is, but I look up to her rather than look down at her. I respect her, I do not slag her. I respect that she is able to wake up an hour earlier, look amazing and still hold a great position at work. Goals!

Personally, I have found that the people who do the slagging are either not going anywhere fast, jealous or just lack self esteem. They might not want to go anywhere fast, but you do. Do not let them dim your light. DO YOU! Be as confident as you can be. Love yourself and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it. Set targets and meet them, follow your dreams and achieve them. And when you achieve them, be proud and say it loud. You did it and you should be proud of it. So, you walk that walk and you talk that talk because you did your homework. And if you see someone who is walking that walk, do not discourage them. If anything, you should be encouraging them. You do not know what it has taken them to get to that stage. Don’t bring them down, lift them up. Self love has to be one of the hardest things to learn. When someone finally gets to the stage where they love and accept themselves, don’t ruin it for them. Focus on yourself. Mind your business.

Till next time
– A

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