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Hijab equals Deen?

“O Prophet! Say to your wives, your daughters, and the women of the believers that: they should let down upon themselves their jalabib.” Quran 33v59.

I want to talk about the idea that hijabis are perfect role models of Islam. In doing this, I will also talk about the idea or the assumption that a girl who does not wear the hijab, is not religious.

First and foremost, I want to applaud anyone that does wear the hijab for the right reasons. It is a massive deal and you should be proud of yourself for fulfilling one of our many obligations as Muslimahs. This post is not to bash hijabis. As a fellow hijabi, I know how hard it can be. So, my aim is not to put hijabis down or to put down the effort that goes into achieving this goal.

The other day I was having another one of my many discussions with a friend. She told me that her family were basically pressuring her to wear the hijab and were judging her relationship with Allah by her decision not to wear the hijab. Up until she told me this, I was like “you know what parents are like, they just want the best for you”. But something about it didn’t sit well with me. The idea that a girl who does not wear the hijab couldn’t possibly be religious or the idea that a girl who wears the hijab has to be the most religious person is completely wrong.

When I started wearing the hijab, I had to select what I imitated. I did a lot of my own research to identify what was appropriate and what wasn’t. Wearing the hijab is a process in itself, and it isn’t just about covering your hair. It has to do with how you carry yourself, how you speak and how you act. It is basically being modest in every way possible. Sometimes, people that wear the hijab, including me, forget this. Nobody is perfect and we all have goals that we are working towards. Wearing the hijab does not automatically make a person perfect. It is only ONE of our obligations as Muslimah. A person manages to fulfil one of the obvious ones does not make them perfect. As Muslims, we should always strive to improve ourselves. I wear the hijab, but I still have a lot that I have to work on. The same thing goes for the Muslimahs who do not wear the hijab, yet. You cannot base their relationship with Allah, on the fact that they do not wear the hijab. You do not know what is in their hearts, you do not know their relationship with Allah. A person who does not wear the hijab might have achieved other obligations that a hijabi isn’t.

Being a good Muslim does not start and end with the hijab. It is definitely an important part, just like every other obligation. I can also understand the importance that is placed on it as it is one of the most difficult ones especially in the society that we live in. However, one easily forgets that it is only a part of our obligations as Muslims. A person who has managed to achieve this obligation should be very proud of themselves. But they shouldn’t use that as a reason to put down anyone that hasn’t achieved it. This is not a ‘Why I do not have to wear the hijab, to be a good Muslimah’ post. In as much as wearing the hijab does not necessarily make you the perfect Muslimah, not wearing it doesn’t make you the perfect Muslimah either. Yes, it is what is in your hearts that matters. However, it is still part of your obligation as a Muslimah. It is still a compulsory act that every Muslimah should strive to achieve. I hear a lot of ‘I pray my 5 times daily prayers, Allah knows what is in my heart’. Yes, Allah knows what is in your hearts, but Allah didn’t say wear the hijab depending on what’s in your hearts.

To my sisters who wear the hijab, keep striving. And to my sisters who do not wear the hijab, keep striving. May Allah make it easy for all of us 🙂

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