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Life is all about COMPROMISE.

Life is all about COMPROMISE.

Do you hear this a lot? I know I do.

Now, I completely agree with this statement. We have to compromise on certain things. This is most definitely more significant when there is someone else involved, like in a relationship. No two people are the same, people do things differently, they think differently. So, of course you’d need to have some kind of understanding or compromise to make certain things work.

HOWEVER, there are some things that I personally wouldn’t compromise on.

What bothers me is when someone tells me what I need to compromise on. When I think of the word ‘compromise’, I think of the small things. People say you can compromise on the small things but don’t compromise on the big things, like your beliefs, morals blah blah blah. But who decides what’s big and what is small? I feel like what you choose to compromise on should be down to you. You alone know what you can or cannot deal with, so only you should be able to decide what is up for compromise. What is small to one person, could be big to another and vice versa.

For instance, there are some things I cannot personally compromise on. However, some people would see it as no big deal. Quick example, I CANNOT deal with dirt, mess and everything related to it. I’m not a clean freak, but I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be able to live with a guy who is messy/dirty. This is a personal thing. I have lived in messy houses and it was hell! This is something I absolutely cannot compromise on. If the guy is willing to change, then I might think about it. BUT if not, it would be one of those ‘no go areas’ for me. Now, majority of people reading this would probably roll their eyes, or think I’m making a big deal out of nothing. That’s completely fine, roll away. They’re probably thinking ‘If she had no choice, she would have to deal with’. Yes, If I had no choice I would have to deal with. I dealt with it for a couple of months, because I had no choice, but was I happy? NO. So, why make a choice or compromise that will make me unhappy? After 23 years on earth, I think I know myself well enough to be able to take informed decisions on MY life.

Relationships are hard enough to keep. Adding unnecessary stress to it does not help. So, before you get into one, think of the compromise that you are going to have to make and decide whether it is something that you can live and be happy with. It’s one thing to be able to live with it, it is another to be happy to live with it.

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