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Sometimes we lose sight of the important things in life. When something goes wrong, we forget all the positive things we have going for us and dwell on the negative. Only when we are reminded, do we learn to appreciate all that we have going for us.

Life is so short. This is a saying that we hear a lot of the time. But it doesn’t really hit you until you are forced into a situation in which you learn the value that is, life. One only has to watch the news or go on any social media to be reminded of the hell some people are living everyday. We hear of the heartbreaking stories, see horrible photographs, and we feel sorry for them. We might like it, share it, pray for the people involved, have a conversation about it, talk about how sad it is and how lucky we are that we are not in their position. BUT do we really think about it? And for how long?

Recently, I experienced what it felt like to lose a loved one. Up until the moment the incident happened, things were quite shaky between us. I mean, for at least four weeks before the incident, we had gone from being best of friends to almost enemies. We both felt that the other person didn’t care. Conversations were painful between the both of us. There was so much anger and hurt. I felt I had lost a friend and confidant.

To lose someone isn’t necessarily losing someone to death. We lose people in different ways. A person does not have to pass away for you to feel their loss. My friend didn’t pass away and I cannot thank God enough for that. He gave me a second chance to fix things and slapped some sense into me. With everything, going on with my friend, I forgot what was truly important. We had a fight. Yes, it was a big fight and I was hurting really badly. But how important was this fight in the grand scheme of things?

I remember that throughout the incident, all I prayed for was good health. Nothing else mattered. It did not matter that until she fell ill, we didn’t say a word to each other. Until she fell ill, awkwardness filled the air in the room that we both resided in. Until she fell ill, I wanted to be away from her. Until she fell ill… I just wanted her to be fine and I would have done anything to get her back to the person that she was.

I’m still hurting, maybe a little more than before. I’m not over the fact that I almost lost someone so close to me. But on the scale of important things, my feelings are not nearly as important as the relationship I had with my friend. We’re probably still going to argue over the whole situation and that is completely alright. As long as we both realise what is really important; that life is extremely short. I got a second chance, this time. I am extremely grateful for it. Next time, I might not. Next time, you might not.

Remember what is important.

Till next time


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