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What does friendship mean to YOU?

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” – Bob Marley.

Do you ever feel like some people do not know the meaning of friendship?
When does someone go from being an acquaintance to being a friend? Or do we just not have acquaintances anymore?
When you call someone a friend, what does that actually mean? What does it mean to you and what does it mean to them?
How do you measure your closeness to a friend? What are the different degrees of friendship and what do they mean to you?
What would you expect from a friend that is supposed to be close to you? and what would you do for a friend that is close to you?
How do you know when to walk away from a friendship and how would you go about it?

As usual, these thoughts came about from a conversation that I was having with a friend; in the comment section of a Facebook meme. These are questions I have never had to ask myself. However, I found myself thinking about these the other day.

I see a lot of friendships that honestly just leave me feeling perplexed. The other day, a girl was talking about her friend. Her best friend. The things she said to me about her left me gobsmacked. I just did not understand! How can you call someone your best friend, only to turn around and insult her behind her back. To me, it comes across as though you don’t like them. So why are you friends with them?

For me, the word ‘friendship’ carries a lot of weight. It is not a term that I use loosely. In my opinion, a friend is someone who TRIES their very best to be there for you through good and the bad times. I say ‘tries’ because sometimes they are not able to be there, not because they choose not to, but because sometimes life gets in the way. Obviously, the depth of a friendship depends on the the degree of friendship. You expect different things from different people based on how close you are to them.

A friendship is a relationship. Like every relationship, it can only work if both parties are pulling their weight.
I think for any friendship to work, both parties need to be aware of what the other person wants or expect from the friendship. When I consider someone a close friend, I would expect them to be there for me, as I would for them. I don’t know about you but this is what I consider to be friendship. Recently, I was in a situation in which I felt a close friend was not there for me. Not because they couldn’t be there, but because they chose not to. As the person is a close friend, it really hurt. Just to be clear, I’m not writing this to give out to her or to air dirty laundry. However, this situation brought about a few questions.

How many let downs is one willing to take? or should I say is one able to take?
At what point do you recognise whether its worth it or not?
Are the good times worth the bad times? Because no relationship is perfect.
How do you walk away?

I guess what I’m trying to figure out is what friendship truly means for me and whether or not I need to walk away.

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7 thoughts on “What does friendship mean to YOU?

  1. Hmm, a true friend is one who is ready to sacrifice.
    Man was created selfish naturally so one has to accept some flaws. And remember we are all human. You don’t need to call someone your best friend. You just know


  2. Knwoing what you want in a friend or expect from a friend should make the decision easier. So if we’ve coined our definition of frienship, we can try apply it.


    1. I was just having a think about what you said. I think it helps to recognise your worth? Does that make sense? Like, I deserve to be treated better, so I’m going to take myself out of this situation…


  3. Such a great read! I really think for a good healthy friendship, both parties should be putting in a 50-50 effort or at the very least a 60-40. Anything less becomes a concern.


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